About Robocasa.com

About Robocasa.com

At Robocasa.com, we do not conform to the typical image of robots; rather we introduce robots as products, system technology, business infrastructure that automatically supports human°«s needs, actions and environment.

We deliver the latest information on robots, which are divided into the following three categories:

  • Robotic Lifestyle TM Communication (B2C)
    High quality robots that are created for the B2C market to improve people°«s lifestyles. For example, robot hardware/software, network household appliances, ASV, car navigation etc.
  • Robotic System Innovation (B2B)
    Robots for the B2B market that can possibly revolutionize businesses or companies. For example, robot for businesses, system technology such as ITS, company infrastructure, market research etc.
  • Robotic Mission Frontier (B2G)
    Next Generation robot research and development for universities, public organizations, space, disasters, welfare, medical fields etc.

Website Concept

The purpose of this website is to introduce the concept of Robotic Lifestyle TM Communication°«, which is a new and improved lifestyle brought about by living with robots. The spotlight is on robots related to °∆living°«(Casa in Italian) and °∆car°«(mobility).

In the near future, many aspects of our lifestyle will be robotized; from our homes to cars. With Robocasa°«s network, we do not rest at introducing various robots to our readers, we aim put ourselves in the consumer°«s shoes and look forward to a rich and abundant life as a result of the introduction of robots into our life. Robocasa.com is about helping people improve lives through robots.

Website Philosophy

°∆Consumer°«s point of view°«, °∆High Quality°«, and °«Creativity°«- these are the keywords that the website is based upon. We would like to introduce a robotic lifestyle TM, which is a new enhanced lifestyle achieved through the high quality service delivered by robots in our lives.

  • We never fail to ask what kind of robots are consumers looking for as we deliver news from the consumer°«s point of view.
  • Functions and design are the basic requirement; we introduce products that can deliver high consumer satisfaction, high quality and superiority.
  • We introduce groundbreaking products whose creativity inspires the new lifestyle.
  • We introduce products that can be safely used by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
  • We introduce products that have solid network security.

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